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UCF – University of Central Florida is now the 2nd largest college in the Country; this has dramatically helped grow the UCF real estate market and East Orlando area.

When deciding which UCF off campus housing option makes the most sense for your specific situation consider this:  If you can purchase a single family home with 3 or 4 bedrooms for between $120-200,000. At the currently mortgage rates, you would be looking at a total payment at or around $1,000 per month.

If you rent out each room for the going rate of $ 450 – 500 per month, you could easily be operating in the green. Not to mention the incentive of you interest and property taxes being a tax deduction. Why pay all that money to someone else and have nothing to show for it in the end?

UCF Real Estate Investing

The other option for UCF off campus housing is to rent an apartment and pay somewhere north of $6,000 for the year or $24,000 during the period you are attending school.  UCF homes for sale make the most sense not only can you put your money towards something, but because you can put you capitalize on your roommates housing expense as well.  Add up $24,000 x 4 and you can have put $96,000 towards a home while enjoy better quality housing with University of Central Florida real estate.

During 2001-2006, the UCF housing market experienced tremendous appreciation, some homes doubled in price within a year or two. Just as fast as home values went up they came back down. This has caused many homeowners to go into foreclosure and be forced to sell their homes at discounted prices.

Getting Started

Many parents and students understand the opportunities that this has created for them to purchase homes while attending the university. There are wide selections of neighborhoods that are conveniently located to University of Central Florida student housing area that are in the first time homebuyer’s price range.

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